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Lesson Name: Submit An Assignment Online Using Google Drive

Grade: 11th - 12th grade

Subject: Various (Use a worksheet specific to your course in task 2)

Objective(s): Following the completion of this lesson, students will be able to submit an assignment through Schoology using Google Drive.

  1. Watch the Video, How To Submit An Assignment Using Google Drive.
  2. Create a copy of the worksheet in your Google Drive. Follow the directions to complete the worksheet.
    1. Psychology Worksheet: Set The Record Straight Worksheet
    2. Sociology Worksheet: Suicide Stats
    3. German: View the video "Kleingeld" (Small Change) Kleingeld Video , answer the questions on the worksheet Kleingeld Worksheet, and submit via the Google Drive
  3. After completing the worksheet, log-in to your Schoology account and follow the directions on the How To Submit An Assignment Using Google Drive video to submit the completed worksheet.