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Scenario B: Middle School Science Wikis

Pros of sharing your graphics:

  • Your images will benefit another student and/or class.
  • Your images will get you recognition for your hard work.
  • Sharing will expand your learning network.
  • Encourages team work.
  • This school may be willing to share materials with you in the future.
  • The students and/or teacher my be able to give you helpful feedback on your work

Cons of sharing your graphics:

  • You took the time to create the images and someone else will be using them.
  • You have to be careful about sharing your personal information.
  • Someone else could try to take credit for your work.

Determine What to Share & How to Tag Descriptors:

What to Share:

What is chosen to share with others is completely up to those who created the original piece of work. You can allow others to edit your work, or simply just use it and give credit by citing appropriately. You can check out all the various types of licenses available through the Creative Commons website.

How to tag:

One way help others find what photos/images they want quicker is to tag and add descriptions to them. A helpful website where others are able to share photos/images is Flickr. Check out these simple steps below on how to tag and add a description:

1. Create a Flickr account and upload any photos/images.
2. After the photo/image is uploaded click on "edit".
3. In the "edit" option you can:
  • add a name
  • add a description
  • choose who can view
  • choose who can comment
  • choose who can tag
  • choose the copyright protection level
4. Type in any tags you feel describe your photo/image

See the photo below for an example of what you see on Flickr in the "edit' option.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 2.39.18 PM.png

Determine What to Include when Sharing & How to Share:

When sharing your images with students from another school, you want to be sure to include the following:
  • a title for each image
  • your Names (for recognition) and the name of your school
  • a link to your Wiki so that they can also take a look at your other pictures if desired
  • a small caption describing each image and its content

There are multiple ways to share your images with students from another school, including the following:
  • providing them with a link to the Wiki
  • sending them the Image File via email
  • posting the pictures to another program, like Flickr, where they can be accessed and used easily

Helpful Links:
How to Share & Download on Flickr
How to Apply & Utilize Creative Commons


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