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Andy, Chip, and Rachel's Multimedia Lesson Plan: Copyright Webquest

4th Grade: Cross-Curricular Lesson


  • The students will learn what a copyright law is.
  • The students will be introduced to "Google Advanced Search" and then will be able to practice its use.
  • The students will be introduced to "Zooburst" and use this tool for their webquest.
  • The students will learn what "free to use and share" means.
  • The students will learn how to create a digital flipbook.



This lesson is intended to teach the students how to select pictures that they have permission to use through a Google search. Students often type in their topic and select their favorite picture(s) and use them for projects. What they do not know is if they have the permission from the creator of the image to use it. In this lesson, students will learn how to use the "Advanced Search" option in Google so they can select images that are allowed to be used or modified.


1. Go to the online webquest and walk through each step with the students as a whole group. Answer any questions that may arise.
  • On the Task link, define copyright and explain to students why it is important to only use photos from the web in which they have permission.
  • Go over the steps the students will take to create a flipbook through Zooburst in the Process and Resourses section.
  • Show the screencast to the students as a whole group.

  • Explain how the students will be evaluated on the final product by going over the Evaluation and Conclusion section.
  • Hand out netbooks, laptops, other personal learning devices and allow students time to work in groups to search Google and create their flipbook.
  • Circulate and monitor to answer any questions from the students.