Additional Information on using Wikis in the Elementary Classroom

Here are some helpful tips when incorporating wikis in your classroom learning:
  • Make sure you know your schools' social media policy before getting started with wikis. Also make sure you have consent from each parent of each one of your students.
  • Do your research first. Research on your own before deciding on a wiki space you want to collaborate on with your students. Be prepared and ready to answer questions they will have...because they will!
  • Research as a whole group. Let your class in on choosing what kind of wiki space they want to create and how to begin. They will have a greater interest in the project when they can help plan it.
  • Use your wiki space for any group projects, lessons, sharing, etc. Give your students ample time to practice using their wiki space and they will get better each and every time.

Here are some helpful activities when incorporating wikis in your classroom learning:
  • Math - Word Problems where they need to write out a solution to a problem.
  • Writing - Write a Class story using collaboration from all the students.
  • Social Studies - Assign roles or "jobs" to each student on the wiki. For example: reporter, editor, photographer, advertiser, etc.
  • Reading/Writing - Each day or week, have one student be the "guest" author and share their favorite book or story. Or one they wrote on their own.
  • Art - The same as above, but each student could be the "guest" illustrator.
  • Word Study - Have your students work in their Word Study groups to come up with activities for their list of words each week. And then have them complete their own activities they authored.

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